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Our Products


    Using tobacco in today’s militant anti-tobacco environment takes more than addiction; it takes commitment and determination. When you are looking for a place that welcomes tobacco users, stop in at D Smoke Shop in Las Vegas, NV and feel like you belong. We proudly stock a full inventory of cigarettes, as well as canned tobacco, papers, and rolling machines for those of you who prefer to roll you own. 

    Our family owned and operated shop is conveniently located near the Las Vegas Strip to make it easier for you to get your tobacco and accessories. We not only sell traditional tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco, but also e-sigs, vapor, and hookah products to serve every possible tobacco need. 

    Our friendly and professional staff offers excellent customer service and we work hard to keep our prices low. When we consider all of the federal and state taxes you have to pay on tobacco, we are willing to trim our profit margin a little to make sure you can continue to afford your tobacco and accessories.

    Stop feeling like a pariah in society because you use tobacco; come to D Smoke Shop in Las Vegas, NV and be welcomed to our shop. From specialty cigarettes to amazing cigars and imported pipe tobacco, you can get anything you need or want from our conveniently located store.

    Do not let the casinos and other places overcharge you for cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco. Stop by the shop, be treated with respect, get what you want, and enjoy being a valued customer instead of a shunned member of society.



    Buying new pipes is always a fun and exciting experience. Buying pipes at D Smoke Shop in Las Vegas, NV is even better because we offer a huge array of quality pipes, pipe tobacco, and pipe accessories at the best prices in the city. Whether you are looking for a wonderful wooden pipe, an affordable glass pipe, or a beautiful ceramic pipe, you are sure to find your perfect pipe in our inventory.

    If you like your smoke water-cooled, check out our large selection of water pipes and hookahs. From affordable plastic and ceramic pipes to large glass pipes that are nearly works of art, you can find your special water pipe among our wares. If you prefer smoking a hookah, we carry one for every taste or style. Do not look all over Las Vegas, NV for great water pipes and affordable hookahs when we already have what you want.

    We not only sell awesome pipes, water pipes, and hookahs, but also a large variety of pipe tobacco, that includes your favorite brand or flavor. We feature a full line of cleaning products to keep you and your pipe puffing along happily. Finally, we stock both glass and brass screens so that you always get a perfect puff.

    Whatever your need for quality pipes, tobacco, and smoking accessories, you will find what you want at D Smoke Shop. Our professional and friendly staff specializes in making sure you get exactly what you came for and have an excellent customer experience in the process. 

    Come on in and get great pipes, great services, and great prices.


Smoking Accessories

    Finding a smoke shop with great smoking accessories is easy in Las Vegas, NV, but finding affordable prices and excellent customer service is another matter. D Smoke Shop proudly brings our customers more than just smoking accessories. We offer reasonable prices and professional customer service with every transaction we process.

    From custom water pipes to that hookah that have always wanted, we carry a full line of smoking accessories to meet every smokers need, including custom lighters and excellent cigars. We have a wide variety of ashtrays that will look good anywhere you smoke and we carry some great glass and ceramic ashtrays that will really make a statement.

    If you are a pipe smoker, we have many brands and flavors of tobacco, stock a huge inventory of wood, glass, and ceramic pipes, carry both glass and brass screens, and a full line of cleaning supplies. If you are going to smoke a pipe, smoke the best one that you can get.

    We offer a full line of cutters, humidors, and cigars brands to our cigar customers. When you are craving a nice stogie, stop by our shop and get yourself great cigars for a wonderful price. If you have a cigar lover on your gift list, come in and let us help you find the perfect gift.

    Whatever your need for quality smoke accessories, you will find it at D Smoke Shop in Las Vegas, NV. We not only promise you a great selection of quality smoking accessories, but also guarantee you affordable prices and excellent customer service. Come on over and let us give you the best service in the city.